Friday, June 12, 2009

Glen Garioch, an 8 year utility

I've been meaning to try the Glen Garioch as a possibly Highland utility whisky due to its inexpensive price tag coming in right at the same price as Speyburn 10. Finally got around to picking up a bottle. I have to admit, I'm rather impressed. It's the perfect single malt intro scotch. If you were a scotch rookie, and someone handed you a pour of the Glen Garioch 8yr, it would probably taste exactly what you would assume scotch would taste like. It has an impressive body (for the price) and a perfect little kick to go along with it. It has gentle fruity undertones, and a simple dry finish.
My Speyburn utility has a new friend on the 'free-for-all' table.

Monday, June 8, 2009

No news still good news

Not much to report -- still pouring scotch. Although I did add a rye to the stable just for fun. Reminds me of Jack Daniels. Rhett and I had a surprise visitor... John, who introduced us to Laphroiag (and Aberlour for that matter), visited from Chicago. Sunny weather, Irish pub, John, Rhett and me -- doesn't get much better unless/until I get my boat in the water... Laphroiag will make the maiden voyage roster.