Monday, April 6, 2009

Longrow, A cure for what ails ya.

Finally sat down and dove into a healthy pour of my Longrow 14 with Erik. I head into it biased, as the Longrow 10 is one of my favorites. This is one for the 'Peat Freaks.' The smell is somewhat light, peaty, and smoky. However the taste hits you like a ton of bricks - an immediate peaty kick that fills the mouth, with hints of smoky cedar and apple lingering. A little swirl around the tongue and it gives you a proper kick in the mind, makes the eyes water. Has a spicy essence like an old piece of cinnamon gum. Definitely one to savor.
The price is steep, and the color lacks any sort of authentic body ... but it gets high grades in my book. Props to this Campbeltown Whisky.

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