Monday, April 13, 2009

Speyburn 10, A New Utility

I think I've found my new favorite utility scotch: Speyburn, 10yr. It's almost too good to be true coming in at under $16/bottle (when on sale). This Speyside malt is gentle on the nose, and smells of fresh fruit. The taste has a perfectly simple peaty kick that quickly changes over to a gentle apple taste and is surprisingly refreshing and dry. The taste doesn't linger ... making you want that next sip, asap.
I'm almost embarrassed to say that I've been feeding the friends a blended Passport utility whiskey when this is just as simple in price, and leaps and bounds better in taste. I feel shame, and will adjust my ranking accordingly.
Also picked up another utility bottle over the weekend: Bowmore Legend. It's a simple Islay whisky that has a healthy peaty kick, heavy peppery taste, and is pretty satisfying, yet basic considering. Holds nothing to its older brothers 12yr and up, but certainly can't complain.

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