Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cragganmore 12yr - nice

I decided to add a Speyside to the collection yesterday and opted for the Cragganmore 12yr. Of course Rhett and I had to sample it... for posterity and for kicks we took a stab at describing it before reading the "official" description on our favorite info site royalmilewhiskies.com. I'd say we did a pretty good job.

Our description: Aroma - instant fruity note, apples and peaches, and not much peat. Palate - lots going on but a fragrant flowery note is prominent as is a slight sweetness. It finished with something Rhett called 'grass' and what seemed to me to be the taste you might expect from chewing on flower petals.

Royalmilewhiskies.com description: Nose - Complex, rich mix of flowers, fruit (dried and caramelised), plum, baked apple, currant, honey, roast chestnut, meat and toffee. Phew. Palate - A soft start, then dark fruits mixed with light honey and cooked peach. A rich, elegant, silky texture that fills the mouth. Highly complex. Finish: Soft with a gentle hint of smoke. Comment: Balances richness and fragrance superbly.

Pretty close indeed. I especially like RMW's "silky texture" comment -- dead on. Thinking a good drink to end a night with. Considering Speyside isn't my first choice regarding regions at $39.99 I'm glad to have it on hand.

Not my fav as I prefer peat, but E8 as a Speyside example. If you remember to pay attention to it's subtlety it is easier to appreciate the taste.


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