Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sheep Dip, and the Utility Scotch

Not too long ago I was fortunate enough to score a bottle of Sheep Dip scotch. Its a blend of 16 different scotches that range in age from 8-21 years ... I was pretty stoked to try it, maybe it was the blends that I was excited about, or perhaps it was the bad ass illustration that graces the label. However, the taste was a bit underwhelming. It was subtle, slightly tart, and had a heavy aftertaste that I wasn't the biggest fan of. It certainly wasn't a bad scotch though, and by the end of my first pour, I was already craving another glass of this unique mix.

Last summer, I was having a conversation with the owner of a liquor in Victoria, MN. I mentioned to him that I was simply searching for a utility scotch - something I could drink after a night of partying, or something I could hand out at parties willy-nilly without feeling guilty pouring good scotch down unappreciative throats. A fan of scotch himself, he suggested that I keep a bottle of Passport on hand. Its stupid cheap (I have found it for as little as $12), and the taste is remarkably impressive. More than a few friends have expressed their appreciation for it before knowing that it was a bargain blend. I simply sex it up by pouring it into a fancy decanter. :) Props to Passport - it allows me to afford this habit.

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