Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why I take the casual approach to Scotch...

Was reading up on some Scotches that I have yet to try, and came across this review of Adelphi Cask:

Nose: The initial sweetness (marshmallows and candy floss) curiously takes us to a dentist office (latex rubber gloves and fluoride mouthwash). The addition of water brings a more Carbolic sweetness with bubblegum, strawberry ice-cream and smoked fudge.
Taste: Ashy mouthwash with more of that bubblegum. A little soap comes out with water however this is a clean and balanced dram with a lovely oiliness.
Finish: Long with yet more bubblegum.

Really? Latex rubber gloves and flouride mouthwash mixed with smoked fudge and bubblegum soap? Sounds terrible! Then they follow it up with:

Comments: Our favourite dram this year!

Umm ... what? Seriously? I need to visit their dentist's offices over there (insert oral hygiene joke here).
If I were to read that review without seeing that last comment, I'd certainly stay away from it. But now I need to get my hands on it, and see if I can clear my head enough of their review to enjoy it as much as they did...

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